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Whats going on in Ibiza

In our website we like to share tips and tricks about, food,  restaurants, shopping and activities.

Our goal is to help and inspire without being a smarty.

LFLM is looking forward to find out all the best things for the little ones on the eiland

Our information will be presented through, vlogs, our website and our social media tools

Weekly we try to provide useful information about Where to GO, What to GET, Were to eat and lots more for the children… Fun & simple

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Babysitting agency

LFLM is a babysitting agency and offers a professional babysitting services in Ibiza. We connect families and babysitter who speak the same language.

LFLM inspires her babysitters by providing them with tools –what to DO or MAKE with the children to have a good time.

LFLM makes sure the babysitters
✓ have basic information regarding first aid for kids
✓ always have the local emergency telephone number on speed dial
✓ create a group app with the parents for regularly updates
✓ our babysitter comes with their own transport

Book your babysitter
✓ and send LFLM an email or what’s app (see contact details below)
✓ receive a video of the babysitter connected to your family and request
✓ pay by cash or bank transit

Looking forward finding your babysitter.

Neighborhood: Ibiza
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T 0031-652866733

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T 0031 (0)652866733

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